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Montana Rhodes Vital Stats:
Height:  5'8"
Age:  25
Measurements:  36C-26-34
Fun Fact:  I am a dare devil and love to skydive naked!
Marital Status:  Single and not loving it :(
Astrological Sign:  Hometown: San Diego, CA
Favorite Position:  Up against a wall and from behind!!

Originally from Montana, her parents thought it would be "cute" to name their child after the state she was born in. As she was growing up she hated her name and was always teased, but Montana has come to love her name and embodies the free spirit and charm of the open ranges and big Montana sky! This little country girl recently moved to California and has turned into a beach bum. She describes herself as a free spirit and feels that the bohemian beach life was made for her. Plus, she loves the cute surfer boys (and yes, she is single)! Montana loves to sunbathe nude and you can always find her relaxin' by the waves listening to her favorite music.
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